Anta G21 PRO XIAN Running Shoes


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The G21 PRO is designed specifically for long distances.

Thanks to the NITROEDGE multi-layer midsole technology, specially developed for runners over the half-marathon distance.

The shoes have a high level of cushioning and energy return.

The upper of the sneaker is made using XIAN FIBER technology, which means that the yarn from this material is 2.6 times stronger than traditional polyester.

The midsole is made of two-layer NITROEDGE foam. The upper layer of foam, which is softer, serves for cushioning and shock absorption during landing. The bottom layer, more solid, is necessary for the best return of step energy.Between the layers of foam.

There is a TPU insert and a CARBON TUBE, which provide stability and protection from twisting the foot AND helping to avoid injury.

In the shoe, there is a HEEL CUP for additional stabilization of the foot.

The tread of this shoe is made using A-GRIP PRO technology with high grip and pronounced tread for maximum grip even on wet asphalt.

Anta G21 PRO XIAN Men’s Running Shoes

Color: White/Black/Green/Light Red

Upper material: Mesh/TPU

Outsole material: TPU/CPU/Carbon Fiber

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