Anta HENGDUAN Trail Running Shoes


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The ANTA HENGDUAN running shoes are specifically made for trail running. The name Hengduan was not chosen by chance, it refers to the mountainous region of Hengduan, also known as the Blue-Tibet Mountains. This landscape served as an inspiration for the creation of sneakers that are capable of overcoming even the harshest conditions. These trail-running shoes are lightweight enough to cover huge distances.

The Vibram (anti-slip) outsole is both durable and lightweight, and is suitable for use on various surfaces with confidence. The midsole features A-FLASHFOAM technology for high cushioning, softness and bounce. It makes your running highly enjoyable. The EVA material used in the midsole has a complex three-dimensional structure that reduces the shock load upon landing and transforms it into a driving force. The heel insert adds extra support to the foot. ANTA Hengduan is the key to the endless expanses of nature.

Color: Bright Green/Green/Black
Material: MESH/TPU
Outsole: POE/Rubber/Nylon

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