Anta Klay Thompson KT7 “Turn The Waves” Low Basketball Shoes


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Basketball shoes Anta Klay Thompson KT7 – combine the qualities of professional basketball shoes and stylish design. Turn the Waves – design and coloring inspired by the spray of the sea wave, the body is covered with swirling patterns symbolizing the Splash Brothers. The upper material of the shoes is made using Speed Fiber technology, which is responsible for the rapid removal of moisture. The sole, made of multi-component rubber, has a pattern repeating sea waves – a combination of material and shape of the outsole tread increases grip and reduces slip. The midsole uses NitroEdge technology, which is actually a lightweight and durable foam that is responsible for cushioning. SmartSam technology is used on the outsole in the heel area, which reduces the impact load on the knees and increases stability in the heel area. 3D Flow or 3D Hug – 140 mm. Carbon insert that protects the foot from twisting and provides effective lateral support.

Color: Blue/Yellow/White

Materials: Mesh

Sole: TPU/RB/Nylon/CarbonFiber

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