Anta Klay Thompson KT8 FATHER AND SON Basketball Shoes


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Anta KT8 FATHER AND SON is inspired by Klay Thompson and his father: “Like father like son.” Klay’s father Michael is the mentor and guardian of Klay’s life.

The KT8 “Father and Son” basketball shoes are dedicted to Klay’s father Michael Thompson:
Purple is the color of his father’s Lakers team.
M initials on the heel represents his father’s name.
The tongue holdes year 1987 and 1988; back-to-back championship year of his father, when he won two consecutive championships.
The thounge number 43 at the back represents father’s back number.

The midsole part adopts the A-FLASHEDGE technology frame and midfoot X-shaped anti-torsion piece, which has a soft and moderate foot feeling experience.
It provides excellent stability and torsion resistance of the shoe body.
The midsole uses a full palm shovel-shaped carbon plate (3D HUG), which enables smooth power transmission between the front and rear palms. It helps shooters quickly enter the shooting state and improving the feel.
NITROEDGE technology insole + NITROEDGE technology midsole + SMART S.A.M intelligent shock-absorbing module provides the foot feeling experience lighter and more elastic. The feedback is more durable. Every take-off and landing is flexible and fast.

Color: Purple / black
Sole: Rubber
Function: Anti-slip, wear resistance

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