Anta Klay Thompson KT9 BAY AREA PHANTOM Basketball Shoes


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The ANTA Klay Thompson KT9 BAY AREA PHANTOM basketball shoes boast of high bounce level, high shock absorption and responsiveness, speed, comfort cushioning, non-slip and foot support.

The ANTA KT9 shoes feature SMART S.A.M technology integrated throughout the heel-to-midsole, providing a more direct cushioning sensation for powerful shock absorption during abrupt stops.

With its full-length ANTA NITROEDGE technology coupled with ETPU, it deliveres high responsiveness and quick takeoffs.

The inclusion of EVA sidewalls, crafted through 3D-printed molds, forms lateral EVA barriers that ensure a flexible protective experience against rollovers.

Together with the carbon fibers, anti-torsion piece in the midfoot and the EVA side wall, it forms KT9’s exclusive 3D Flow support structure.

The midsole has an integrated stabilizer that enhances smooth force transmission and provides exceptional support upon heel impact. Compared to traditional adhesive bonding methods, this integrated design boasts superior strength and cohesion, promoting environmental friendliness through its glue-free construction.

The KT logo is on the heel, Klay Thompson’s iconic number 11 is on the tongue, and his signature adorns the back of the sole.

As the name suggests, this is the Bay Area where Klay plays for the Golden State Warriors. The upper design pays tribute to the Golden Gate Bridge in the Bay Area, and the ANTA logo on the side and midsole adopt a gradient design.

Color: Ink Blue/Neon Mango Yellow/Bright Red

Material: Textile/Synthetic leather


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