Peak Taichi Flash 1 CRAZY6 Suit Basketball Shoes


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The mesh fabric of the left toe cap comes from the color of the lion dance. The hot melt material comes from the joint version of Haier Brothers. CRAZY6 text elements are added to the back of the left foot, and the text background is stitched together with the texture of the warning and the lion dance coin. The elastic mesh on the middle and inner and outer sides of the upper comes from Easter color matching and cherry blossom color matching respectively. The inner and outer fabrics of the left shoe upper are extracted from high school and “Magic” glare materials. The hot melt material on the outside adds a cheese melting pattern and a warning orange. The left heel TPU is used along with the Haier Brothers joint version of color matching. The right heel TPU is used for cheese color matching. The upper layer of the double-layer translucent webbing adds Luwei 23 elements. Handwritten signature elements and LOU WILLVILLE nickname representing Lu Wei. The hidden pattern on the lower layer is an illustration element of the Haier Brothers cyborg.

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